Luxury Treehouse – Reconnect with Nature in a Glamorous Way

The Treehouse By Crump Architects

A treehouse vacation is a great place for you if you are eager to try out something new and adventurous. After all, how many hotel rooms can claim to have a tree trunk growing right through the room? The experience of living in the lap of nature can be very eye opening for people since it is so different from what they usually experience. This is a very different experience from the usual vacation resorts where people go for fast paced holidays filled with shopping and exciting entertainment options.

You will get back from your vacation a completely changed person, especially if you do not always have the opportunity to enjoy nature in such proximity. There are many wonderful places around the world where you can experience this. It should therefore not be too difficult to get a reservation at a good property.

It’s time to reconnect with nature, in a glamorous way. Here is the most incredible treehouses around the world.

A Childhood Hideaway – The Treehouse by Crump Architects

The Treehouse is constructed largely of recycled and salvaged materials, including some items from a neighbour’s recently-demolished carport. The project was a true labour of love, built on weekends by Crump Architects principal Nathan Crump and his family with zero input of trades. Approaching the project in this way gave the architect and family the ability to modify the design as they went, and the added satisfaction of seeing their work completed.

Treehouse using Local Teak Wood by Tom Kundig in Surfers Treehouse, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Olson Kundig designs Costa Rica Treehouse to tread lightly on the earth. The house is designed to operate passively, and remain open to the climate in this temperate semi-tropic environment. Designed as an open-air surfer hut, the treehouse invites the surrounding landscape to enter its interiors in various ways. Costa Rica Treehouse is inspired by the jungle of this densely forested site on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

ORIGIN Tree House, Raray, France, Atelier LAVIT & Nid Perche

Located in the woods just outside Paris, this super modern treehouse is the perfect escape for a couple seeking some privacy or someone in need of a relaxing weekend alone.

Constructed around a 100-year-old oak tree in Raray, France, the Origin Treehouse was created as a functional and comfortable hotel room. The luxurious treehouse, which can be booked via Les Cabanes des Grands Chênes, takes inspiration from bird-nests and is designed to be dismantled without impacting the tree it sits in.

Willow, New York, United States, Antony Gibbon Designs

The Willow Treehouse upgrades your childhood with this modern version of the backyard retreat. The lofted cabin is situated on 34 acres in the Catskills of New York.

The Willow Treehouse is settled among the trees, overlooking a small, swimmable pond, on a wooded property 15min away from the town of Woodstock. It is cozy, yet has all you need to cook dinner, enjoy reading, chilling, or swimming. Separate spaces for chilling, writing a novel or enjoying the view.

The sleeping loft is accessible by a ladder, and you would have to walk in with your luggage, so pack lightly. It is perfect for couples and solo adventurers

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