Stunning Space-Saving Accessories For Your Balcony

Stunning Space Saving Accessories For Your Balcony0010

Many people enjoy the flavor and quality of garden fresh vegetables as well as a feeling of accomplishment from growing their own. Busy lifestyles, both family members working, and limited space of urban lots creates a need for an approach other than traditional vegetable gardening. As a result, gardeners want good production from limited space which may even include containers on patios, decks or balconies. There are several space-saving gardening methods that may be used.

Old English gardeners devised the idea of interplanting vegetables to utilize space more fully. Interplanting means that a quick-growing, early maturing crop is planted between rows of a later-maturing crop that will later enlarge to fill the entire space. The crops may be planted in alternate rows, or may alternate in the same row. Some combinations suitable for early garden interplanting would be radishes with leaf lettuce, beets with carrots, or onions with cabbage. Vining crops or tomatoes may be added between rows of early crops that will then expand into the space as the early crops are harvested. The gardener may discover other combinations suitable for favorite vegetables or the conditions of the garden space.

Another space-saving technique is known as succession planting. This method achieves continuous use of a small space since a new crop is planted immediately after an earlier one is harvested. This is usually done by following a cool season crop with a warm season crop. They do not usually exist in the same area at the same time. Lettuce, peas, radishes or onions may be harvested in late spring or early summer with plenty of time to clean up the area and follow with green bush beans or late sweet corn. Fall crops, such as turnips or fall cabbage, might follow potatoes, earlier corn or any of the spring crops.

Many of us have balconies, and it’s great to spend time outdoors, including a balcony. That’s why we’ve rounded up several amazing accessories and furniture pieces that will save space in your balcony, that’s cool not only for small balconies but also big ones. The first thing that every balcony needs is greenery, so buy some awesome pots to attach to the rails, or make vertical gardens to save some space. Another necessary piece is a table to have a glass of wine, choose a table to hang it on the rails or even to hide in the floor! The seating options can be also space-saving, they can be folding or hidden. Look at the brilliant options for your balcony below and choose something for décor!

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